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Bobette Buster

Professor of Storytelling, Northeastern University

Bobette is Professor of the Practice of Digital Storytelling, Northeastern University (Boston), and the author of DO STORY: How to Tell Your Story So The World Listens and DO LISTEN: Understand What’s Really Being Said, Find A New Way Forwards. Bobette regularly guest lectures at corporations including Google London, the BBC, the Ciclope International Festival (Berlin), the Future of Storytelling Conference (New York City), the Calvin College January Series, Sydney Writers Festival, Do Wales, and the Hay Literary Festival, Wales.

Bobette Buster is the Writer/Producer of the feature documentary, Making Waves: The Art of Cinematic Sound, to be released Fall 2019, with Karen Johnson and director, Midge Costin (Head of the USC Sound Department).

In addition, Bobette leads workshops on “How to Tell Your Story So The World Listens” with Do Lectures Workshops (UK), and to corporations in-house worldwide. As well, Bobette’s intensive, on-going series “Deconstructing Master Filmmakers” has put her on the Guest Faculty of Pixar Studios, Disney Animation, Disney Italy, the Disney Channel, Sony Animation, 21st Century Fox, the Catholic University of Milan, La Fėmis (Paris), Animation Ireland, Screen Training Ireland, North by Northwest (Denmark), and the MEGA Business Program, Spain. She has also been story consultant on many projects in these companies.

Her sold-out SSN Hollywood Insider Lecture series at 21st Century Fox Studios, was promoted as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret”. She was director Tony Scott’s Creative Development Executive (Revenge, Credit: Associate Producer), and a Production Consultant for screenwriter, Larry Gelbart’s Weapons of Mass Distraction and Barbarians At The Gate (HBO, Emmy Best Film). A graduate of and Adj. Professor in the University of Southern California’s Peter Stark Producing Program, Bobette created the first MFA curriculum for Feature Film and Television Development, “The Art and Craft of Cinematic Storytelling.”