The CMAA Awards for Excellence, Innovation and Contribution to Media and Arts Ministry

The Excellence in Media Awards acknowledges the vision, passion, skill and effort of people and organisations seeking to share the hope of Jesus through media and the arts. The awards provide the opportunity to showcase and honour God’s provision and encouragement as we celebrate the stories and remarkable successes of those working in media and the arts.

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Australian Christian Artist Airplay

This award is narrowed to a list of finalists via radio airplay and streaming stats. That list of finalists will be made available for a public vote to determine the Australian Christian Artist of the year.

Compelling Content - Audio - Specialty Programming

This award recognises an individual or team that creates compelling Christian faith-based content in specialty programming. It will have been broadcast on radio or published as a podcast or on demand audio during the nomination period.

Compelling Content - Digital Media

This award recognises the individual or team that creates compelling Christian faith-based content to a digital target audience and was published online during the nomination period.

Outstanding Sponsorship/Sales

This award is focused on successful partnership outcomes and looks at the overall measurable elements of success for an individual campaign, or a series of campaigns for a single client.

Outstanding Innovation

CMAA is committed to advancing the redemption and transformation of lives, society, and culture through media and the arts. This award recognises innovation by an individual or organisation towards these aims. Innovation may include creating something new or changing an existing product, idea, or field within the Christian Media and Arts industry.

Emerging Talent

This award recognises an individual who is in the media as a personality, performer, identity who demonstrates talent and authentic and compelling audience connection. This individual must have started on-air, online or on screen within the past two years and demonstrates a connection with the audience and a potential for growth and development in serving within the Christian Media and Arts field.

Audio/Visual Production & Promotion

This award recognises the creative and production elements of a promo piece, an advertisement, or a short imaging element. The nominated piece must not be any longer than a total time of 2 minutes and can come from any context including but not limited to radio, television, online, church media etc.

Compelling Content - Audio - Regular Programming

This award recognises the individual or team that creates compelling Christian faith-based content as a regular programme that was broadcast on radio, or published in podcast/on demand audio during the nomination period.

Compelling Content - Screen Media

This award recognises the individual or team that creates compelling Christian faith-based screen media content and was released, broadcast or published online during the nomination period.

Giving Campaign of the Year

This award recognises the efforts of any member organisation for remarkable fundraising efforts.

Remarkable Contribution

This award recognises when an individual or team within an organisation have done outstanding work in their field in a way that has served CMAA members and Christians in Media and the Arts. This award is open to any members of your team from leadership to marketing, administration, HR, to volunteers.

The Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize

The Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize is awarded to outstanding media projects communicating the Gospel.

The CBM Community Trust Award

1079 LifeFM – WINNER

Excellence in Cultural Influence

Joy Ravela – WINNER

Compelling Content - Audio

The Story – Daily Stories of Faith Program, Vision Christian Media
The Crazy Kiwi Christmas Kids Show, CBA – WINNER
The Morning Wakeup with Bjorn Brickell, Josh Coombridge and Eloise Packham, Rhema Media NZ
Whostalk ZB, CBA
Lucy & Kel for Breakfast, 89.9 LightFM

Compelling Content - Film/Television/Audio

Shipwreck, CV Australia
Vietnam Training Videos, CV Australia
Dear Friend, CV Australia
Beauty For Ashes, 4BMedia
I AM, Adventist Media – WINNER

Giving Campaign of the Year

Shine TV, Rhema Media NZ – WINNER
Rhema FM Newcastle
1079 Life Team and DOC Media, 1079 Life Adelaide
Relationships & Development Team, 89.9 LightFM

Outstanding Sponsorship/Sales

Jo Chapman, Key Relationship Manager, 89.9 LightFM – WINNER
Travis Keyser, Media Sales Australia, Hope Media
Ramona Ishac, Sales Manager, Hope Media
SA Success Stories, 1079 LifeFM

The Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Award

Katie Thompson – Be That Ministry
Lyle & Lisa Carey – TRUST The Film
Bulls+Arrows – IMMUNITY
Josh Bonett – Peace On Earth
Paul Nevison – Volta – WINNER
Olive Tree Media – Jesus The Game Changer – Schools/Youth Edition
Upper Room Media App
The Normal Christian Life Episodes

Australian Christian Artist Airplay

for King & Country – WINNER

Audio/Visual Production & Promotion

Bailey Jeffs and Jason Leembruggen (ACCTV)
Justin Rouillon, 96five Brisbane
Phoebe Strafford, 89.9 LightFM
Arthur Muhl, Christie Mann & Justin Rouillon, 96five Brisbane – WINNER

Compelling Content - Digital Media

ACCTV Marketing & Promotion
Bigger Questions, City Bible Forum
Indimax Productions – WINNER
Hope In The Drought, Hope 103.2
The Normal Christian Life

Emerging Talent

Charlotte Ellens, ACCTV
Joy Ravela, Shine TV / Rhema Media NZ
Lizzie Oakes – Star Days, Rhema Media NZ
Mel Fry, DOC Media
Maryellen Fairfax, Adventist Media – WINNER

Outstanding Innovation

Kids to Camp Campaign, Hope 103.2
CEO Update Events, Bible League
DOC Media
BunchOKids, BunchOBlokes
Christian Media Hub – WINNER

Remarkable Contribution to Growth

ACCTV Production Team
99.9 Live FM
Christian Media Hub – WINNER
Weekend Afternoons with Dan Jones, Hope 103.2
DOC Media
Karen Stuckey, Church Support Australia

The Legacy Award is awarded to individuals who, during their lifetime, have made an outstanding contribution as a Christian Leader in the fields of Media and/or the Arts. The individual is selected by the Board of CMAA and awarded at the Excellence in Media Awards Evening, hosted at the annual CONNECT Media Conference.

In 2019, the Legacy Award was awarded to Donald Green, Rebecca St James and David & Helen Smallbone.


2019 Donald Green (posthumous) + Rebecca St James + David & Helen Smallbone
2018 Geoff Bentley + Steve Grace
2017 Wes Jay
2016 Darlene Zschech + George Morgan
2015 Ramon Williams + John O’Donnell
2014 Roger Climpson + Mike Edminston + Gordon Moyes
2013 Brian Houston + Graham Mabury
2012 Rob Harling
2011 Ian Worby
2010 Martin Johnson + Phillip Randall
2009 Neil Elliot
2008 Ian McNair + Kevin Hooper
2007 Mal Garvin
2006 Warren Rout
2005 Mike Jeffs
2004 Hal Short + Vernon Turner