Christian Media & Arts Australia exists to empower members and Christians in media to have a greater impact for Christ.

Established for 40 years, the CONNECT Media Conference is the premier gathering for leaders and practitioners in all forms of media, from film and TV to radio, digital and social media.

CONNECT Conference is focussed on helping increase the reach and influence of those in media through raising the bar of excellence and encouraging greater collaboration.

Day 1: Media Symposium (Limited Capacity)
Day 2: Main conference, keynotes, panels and interactive workshops
Day 3: Main conference, keynotes, panels and interactive workshops – plus the Excellence in Media & Arts Awards Dinner

Connect Symposium

The Renaissance of Communication:  A new decade, a new dawn.

“I believe we are living in a time and cultural moment of shifting sands and open doors. And what makes me so excited about Christian Media in Australia is that you are unlike any other nation in the world!  You are united in vision and purpose and growing in influence and engagement. What potential!”

David Robertson, international media communicator, author and Director of Third Space

Could it be that Christian Media in this region of the world has been given the seed of a new global model for engagement in the new decade?

Join fellow leaders as we look at key issues that will inform cultures and society perception of Christians and the Church in the coming years and consider the unique opportunities for communicators through media as we enter a new decade.

During the symposium participants will be part of a conversation that will:

  • Consider the time.  Knowing the times and key influences that are shaping lives, society and culture
  • Gain greater clarity of what messages will connect and engage with the culture in this new decade
  • Help clarify thinking around a theology and philosophy of communication for a new decade

Who will benefit from attending?

This symposium is aimed at Christian leaders and those involved in governance and strategy roles in media or media arts. (Content Makers and Creatives)  It will also benefit those interested in media or partnering with Christian Media in seeing the redemption and transformation of lives, society and culture.

10am till 3pm. (Times subject to change)

Speakers Include Dr Ed Stetzer


“My understanding of Christian media globally has begun.”

“CONNECT provided the ability to network with a wide range of people in the Christian Media sector.”

“Loved seeing what God is doing in Australia and the unity and desire to bring His message to the culture in new ways.”

“It’s not often you go to a conference where you start in a time of worship, prayer and devotion – WOW! Putting God first before starting the conference each day set each day perfectly to hear from God and align the learnings to our individual organisations and roles.”

“Making small changes to what we do as an organisation can have a big impact. I felt challenged at CONNECT to think this through and how we can implement this philosophy in real and practical ways.”

“Great connecting with different people from the industry and inspiring sessions to help my personal development.”



Connect Women advocates and empowers the creativity, excellence and unity of women in media.


CMAA is committed to advocating for women in the industry to make connections. We see a world where Christian women in the media have equal voice; where their God given creativity is nurtured and encouraged; where the sector is committed to gender diversity across all areas.

It is hoped that as Connect Women gains momentum, women in the sector will proactively seek each other out, share wisdom, and provide mentoring and leadership. The ultimate purpose is to see more women in management, leadership and presenting roles across the entire sector.


• To hold an annual event at each CMAA Connect conference for women.

  • To ensure more women are represented on the speaking platform at CMAA Connect conferences.
  • To hold bi-annual events in the eastern capital cities and other large regional locations for women in Christian media. These events will be both for networking and training.
  • To develop an Australian directory of women, capable of speaking at mainstream events on topics relevant to the sector.


We long for a culture where Australian lives and society are redeemed and transformed through knowing Jesus Christ.

Our vision is to see the hope of Jesus communicated across Australia in media and the arts by empowering creativity, advocating for change, and fostering unity and excellence.



Vice Chair, Christian Media & Arts Australia Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Bible Society Australia


Founder, Values Driven Co. Founder, Monostory


Writer, Speaker, Online Radio Broadcaster SOMO Society / Get Real Live